Building a Growth Mindset

"When you have ability, why should you need learning?" asks Carol Dweck, author of “Mindset the New Psychology of Success”.


Many of you are aware that I am a veracious, curious reader and audio consumer of input.  “Mindset” was recommended to me by a mentor who identified my struggle to understand and my need for patience to find grace when encountering individuals with a fixed mindset.


Here is a self-identification opportunity; do you demonstrate a growth or fixed mindset?

Growth Mindset Attributes:


Fixed Mindset Attributes:


Spoiler alert!  If you identified as fixed, you CAN change your mindset, after all mindsets are just beliefs.

The next time you feel intimidated or overwhelmed while performing a task that became hard or you became bored; recognize you are in the fixed mindset.  Believe in and motivate yourself to positively engage, using this opportunity as a growth experience.


“If we don’t change, we don’t grow.  If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”  Anatole France.



Michelle has demonstrated leadership within technology sales performance, delivering transformational insight and sales leadership for more than 20 years.  Working with clients implementing account strategy and market penetration by increasing close rates, reducing sales cycles and lowering the cost of complex sales.


She has devoted her career to helping businesses and sales professionals reach full potential.  Michelle conducts strategic analysis to uncover vulnerabilities that impede success and promotes development of unique action plans designed to evolve as the client grows and business needs change.  Her executive coaching clients are equipped with self-enablement tools crystalizing their strengths and weaknesses, encouraging self-awareness and realization of their greatness.


Outside of business Michelle enjoys many Pacific Northwest leisure activities with her family including hiking, golf, wonderful wineries and fantastic eateries.